Federation of Resident Doctors Association

    Resident doctors are the backbone of any healthcare system. Yet, even with the resident doctors holding an important position in healthcare delivery, their needs and welfare is more often than not neglected. The doctors who risk their own health to improve that of others are many a times treated like slaves and made to work in inhuman conditions. Be it supply of clean drinking water, or proper sanitation, even proper work instruments, resident doctors today have to fight to even get their basic requirements met.

    Not only this, cases of violence against resident doctors in the recent times have gone up tremendously. Medical Science not being an exact science leads many a times to unfavourable outcomes and resident doctors become the unfortunate victim to the wrath of patient relations for no fault of theirs.
    Federation of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA) is an association of resident doctors working for the welfare of resident doctors across the country. Born out of the oppression on resident doctors across the nation, FORDA since its inception has taken up number of issues of resident doctors and dedicated its energy to promoting and uplifting the status of resident doctors